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MKC-1 208-240/50-60 JAN, 10 Watts, Refrigeration Coil Solenoid Valve
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  • The molded MKC-1 coil fits the A3, E3, W3, E5, B6, E6, W6, E35 R183, R184 and R246 series normally closed solenoid valves.
  • The MKC-2 coil fits the B9, E9, B10, E10, B14, E14, W14, B19, E19, W19, B25, E25, W25, B33, E33, E34, E42 series normally closed solenoid valves and the 180 solenoid pilot control and all solenoid valves in the field that are equipped with the old style K
  • MKC-1, MKC-2 coil may be used on fluids or gases whose temperature does not exceed 240°F, while the valve ambient is 120°F.
  • The MKC-1, MKC-2 molded coils are satisfactory for use with hot gas bypass and hot gas defrost applications. Their unique molded rib surface radiates heat very rapidly and therefore a high temperature coil is not required in these two sizes.
  • The number 1 and 2 coils are wound on a molded Rynite bobbin. The wound bobbin is then inserted into a mold in a transfer press and encapsulated with a thermoset polyester compound. The coil yoke is assembled afterward and the coils are identified as (O)M